Many countries support local incoming Medical Tourism in a long term. They create guidebooks for medical tourists, liberate their visa policy or frequently present unique methods and success in medicine abroad. The Czech Republic provides this kind of support as well, furthermore it has another competitive advantage than only the variety of offered medical services. Medicine in the Czech Republic is not only on the highest level but what makes the Czech Republic to stand out of the competition are also affordable prices and the attractiveness of the country.

Czech Republic has competitive advantages in many medical fields.


Fair Price

Infertility treatment using donated eggs is allowed in the Czech Republic

Infertility treatment is not allowed or is limited in the following European countries (source: Bosnia-Hercegovina, Malta, Slovakia, France, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Turkey.

Proton Therapy Center

Proton therapy is one of the methods of therapy for malignant tumors which offer the best prospects in the 21st century. This method achieves high tumor control and cure rates, less damage to healthy tissues especially to radiosensitive organs, low risk of side effects and complications after treatment. In Europe there are only 9 centres offering this unique proton therapy method to cure cancer. One of them is in Prague.

Rehabilitation programmes on a worldwide level

The Czech rehabilitation medicine has a unique reputation worldwide and belongs to the best. Prof. Lewit and other leading professionals of the so called "Prague School of Manual Medicine" are frequently and regularly cited in prestigious expert papers and magazines. The rehabilitation of the motoric apparatus is provided at the best hospital wards and ambulances in the Czech Republic where also post-op rehabilitation programmes are offered.

Favourite centres of sport medicine

A lot of Czech orthopeadists has a long experience with curing sport injuries and they are able to sort out with a wide spectre of injuries and post-injury stages which originate from various sport activities (fractures, bumps, edemas, dislocations, joint aches, tendon aches, ligament aches etc.) The aim of the centre for sport traumatology is to relieve the amateur or proffesional sportsmen of pain and return them back to the active sport life.

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