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Unique methods, Hi Tech medical

Robot surgery is a radical step in Czech practical medicine first performed in 2006. It is a device with several “tentacles” controlled by a surgeon that enable him to reach deeper into the patient’s body through a hole much smaller than if performed manually. It also allows the surgeon to navigate more accurately and to move more skillfully inside the body.

Proton Therapy is one of the methods of therapy for malignant tumors which offer the best prospects in the 21st century. Mainly due to physical properties of protons to be precisely targeted and deposited for cancer within tissues in 3D. This method achieves high tumor control and cure rates, less damage to healthy tissues especially to radiosensitive organs, low risk of side effects and complications after treatment. Faster recover, higher overall quality of life and gain of life time.

  • National oncological centres network - complex care for the patient
Experienced doctors, outstanding personalities

Czech doctors attend university for a minimum 6 years. The study is demanding, huge attention is given to practical training. In spite of that doctors can neither open their medical attendance nor perform surgery themselves after university graduation. Until 2 years of professional experience that is supervised by the attested specialists, doctors pass the first attestation and after this an additional 5 years second attestation. To be a medical specialist other attestations are needed.

The Czech medical professionals are respected abroad; they are demanded by the best European medical centres, mainly in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Scandinavian countries and France. Our doctors, medical specialists and also nurses are undoubtedly real experts in addition to their good foreign language knowledge.

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Clinical outcomes, success rate of the treatment

World-class level of technology and standards of oncology in the Czech Republic

The country is well-known for success in oncological surgery and excellent result of oncological diagnostics - 13 National oncological centres provide complex care for the patient and it is equip with the best diagnostic appliances: positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR). The high standard of oncological medical and research centres, accessible up-to-date diagnosis and medical appliances also allows the implementation of cutting-edge methods in practice and subsequent help to patients from the world over.

Safety comes first. One of the main pillars ensuring the cooperated medical centres’ stability is the patients´ safety and high quality of the services they provide. Monitoring, controlling and improving medical standards the management track dozens of parameters to assess the quality level of hospital procedures and their safety.