The town of Pardubice lies on the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Chrudimka. Pardubice is famous mostly for its horse race called the Velká Pardubická Steeple-Chase and for the excellent local gingerbread. After the great fire, most of the facades were rebuilt to the Baroque style with the typical terracotta elements. When visiting Pardubice you should have a look at the Renaissance Chateau, the famous Jonah´s house decorated with plastic reliefs of the whale swallowing the prophet Jonah. Then you can visit the tower of the Green Gate and the Church of Saint Bartholomew.

Bohdaneč Spa

Relax in the Bohdaneč spa which is situated in the marvellous countryside of the Elbe Lowland. Surroundings of spa are full of parks, forests and ponds. Thanks to the mineral springs rich in pure alkaline minerals, the spa  treats the muscular-skeletal system with a focus on inflammatory rheumatic diseases, vertebral syndrome, arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. The spa offers a wide range of pre- and post care rehabilitation programmes. It has acquired good reputation in the rehabilitation of total joint replacement. More info.


Museum of gingerbread – Gingerbread Cottage in Ráby

Every year you can treat yourself to an extraordinary exhibition which engulfs all of your senses. You can learn about the history of the gingerbread handicraft and the gingerbread of Pardubice. The exposition contains over a thousand of gingerbread samples from all of the Czech Republic. There are many interactive shows and exhibitions for children too.

The Craft Museum in Letohrad

The Nový Dvůr Craft Museum is the largest museum of crafts in the Czech Republic. There are more than 50 exhibitions of the work of cabinetmakers, shingle-makers, wheelwrights, woodcarvers and many more. You can see how the schoolroom looked a century ago, see the display of craftsmen at work and historical cars.


The Slatiňany Chateau

You should visit this beautiful Chateau of the Auesberg family with a large park full of chestnut and cherry trees. The local horse breeding farm is a part of the Kladruby nad Labem National Stud Farm.

The Kladruby Stud farm

Come to see the oldest major stud farm in the world! You can admire the Kladruber Old White horses, small herd of the Czech Thoroughbreds and the Kladruber Old Black horses. In Švýcárna, you should visit a museum where you will learn more about the breeding of Kladruber horses, which are on the UNESCO heritage list. You can also take a horseback riding lessons or carriage ride or you can watch the horse-drawn sleighs.

Veselý Kopec open-air

A collection of folk buildings shows the visitors the village life at the times of no electricity and no machines. You will see 30 picturesque cottages, unique technical monuments, for example. a tanning equipment or an oil plant. Six weeks before Easter there is the Shrovetide procession full of masks which is listed on the UNESCO list.


Toulovcovy maštale

The Toulovcovy Maštale national reserve is ranked amongst the most interesting and picturesque places of the Pardubice region. You can admire the sandstone rock formations Toulovcovy and Urban Stables. There are many trails for both pedestrians and cyclists.


The greatest pride of the city is the Renaissance Chateau with its sgrafitto decoration,one of the most beautiful sights in this style north of the Alps,also included on the UNESCO list. You will be fascinated by the monastery gardens, fountain and a collection of five statues. Don´t forget to touch the Bronze fish which will make your wishes come true.
Explore the Portmoneum! You should visit the home of the art lover Josef Portmon, where you will see wall frescoes, bookcases and other decorated furniture. You will marvel at the ornate ceilings of demons, imps, ghosts and other creatures.
There are many other modern buildings in Litomyšl, such as the New Church of the Bohemian Brotherhood or the Chateau Brewery.
Litomyšl is the birthplace of the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana. At the end of June and beginning of July, Smetana´s Litomyšl opera festival takes place there, with concerts held in the chateau courtyard. Another event takes place here in May – the gastronomic celebrations in the honour of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová, a famous Czech cookery book writer.


Kunětická hora Castle

You could climb up to see the ruins of the Gothic castle Kunětická Hora which stand above the Elbe valley and enjoy an incredible view of the region.

Opatovice channel

A beautiful countryside in the surroundings of the channel challenges to hiking, cycling or water sports. There are 32 mills along the 26 km long channel. Every year there is a local event of shooting down the channel. The race begins at the village of Opatovice nad Labem and ends in Bohdaneč.