Ústí nad Labem

Ústí nad Labem offers its visitors much to see. You should definitely not miss the ruins of the Střekov Castle which rise above the Elbe river. You should visit the Gothic Revival Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Then take a tour to the Větruše Chateau, if you like by a 330-metre cableway. You will enjoy an incredible view of the city there. Another sight is the Marian Bridge which was ranked as one of the world´s ten most beautiful structures of the 1990s.

Stemboat trip on the Elbe

Come to explore the sights of Central Bohemian Mountains from a boat! You will see the extinct volcanoes, the majestic Mount Říp, you will taste some culinary specialities or have a degustation of the local wines.


Bohemian Switzerland

The Bohemian Switzerland is the home of rare fauna and flora. You should take the circular route. You will start in the town of Hřensko. Then you will continue to the Edmund Gorge and to the monumental Pravčice Sandstone Gate which is the biggest natural rock arch in Europe, with a span of 27 metres. Several scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia were shot here. After that you will climb a forest trail across small bridges to the lower slopes of the Little Pravčice Peak. Then you will go along the Gabriela´s trail where you will see the special formations, such as the Sugar Cube and the Winged Wall. Enjoy the boat trips along the many gorges with the commentary of the ferrymen. You can choose from various trips on the River Kamenice. The Trip through Edmund Gorge takes 20 minutes and the Divoká Gorge takes 15 minutes. You can also walke it on the paths between the rocks.
If you want to explore more from the Bohemian Switzerland, there are some must-see places you should visit. One of them is the ferric brook of Suchá Kamenice, the Fairy Cave near the Kyjov Valley where every winter,a unique ice icicle decoration is formed. Near the confluence of rivers Kamenice and Jetřichovická Bělá you can admire the ruins of the hidden Dolský Mill.

The Chřibská glass factory

In the small village of Chřibská, you can find the oldest glass factory in Europe which was founded in the 15th century. You should take a tour to learn and look at the production of glass and you can also buy some souvenirs there.


The Labské Pískovce protected area

In the area of Labské Pískovce (Elbe Sandstone Formations) you can visit the Tisé Walls named after the village of Tisá. North of this village, massive 70-meters high rampart walls rise from which you can enjoy the view of the Czech Central Mountains. You will find another beautiful scenery by the Vaňov Waterfalls in the national natural monument Vrkoč. From the height of 12 metres, the Podlešínský Stream falls down and then flows to the Elbe River.

Krásná Lípa

Come and learn more about this area in the House of Bohemian Switzerland. You will look at many exhibits including windmills, the journey of the salmon, a labyrinth in the landscape and a 20-minute film projection about this beautiful countryside. You can also buy some organic and fair-trade food in the adjacent eco-shop.

Krásný Dvůr Chateau

You will be impressed by the romantic chateau as well as the surroundings of English park.



Žatec is in the centre of the Žatec Region, a region well-known for its beautiful landscape, growing of hops and production of beer. You should visit the Temple of Hops and Beer when you will be introduced to the hop cultivation and to brewing of beer. You will admire the astronomical clock and climb the Temple tower with a special lift with a 3D tour. In the Hop Museum you will learn about the beer production since the medieval times.  Then you can take a rest at U Orloje restaurant where you should taste local beer. There are many events held throughout the year, for example the hop-harvest festival Dočesná, where you can enjoy a lot of fun by picking hops by hand or dancing with a tankard of beer on your head.


Come to the beautiful city on the confluence of the Elbe and Ohře. Litoměřice provides its visitors many sights in Baroque, Gothic or Renaissance style. On the squares you will admire the Town Hall in the style of the Saxon renaissance, the Kalich (Chalice) House with a roof terrace, Černý Orel (Black Eagle) House in the sgraffito style, the Gothic Church of All Saints, the Church of the Annunciation of the Lady Mary built by an Italian architect Antonio Octavio Broggio or the Baroque Cathedral of Saint Stephen which is the Bishop´s residence and was built by Domenico Orsi. Opposite the chapel of the Church of the Seventh Day you will see the house where the famous Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha has lived and died. You should explore the city´s underground which is one of the most extensive tunnel complexes in the Czech Republic. Don´t forget to visit the Regional Homeland Museum and the Town Hall Cellar. If you are fond of wine you have to visit the medieval castle of Litoměřice with the exhibition of the Czech viniculture. Not that far away there is the famous winery Velké Žernoseky which you should visit and taste their local wines.


Duchcov Chateau

The glory of Duchcov Chateau is mainly linked with the name of Giacomo Casanova, the hot-blooded Italian who spent the last 13 years of his life here. You could visit the museum devoted to this librarian. Not only Casanova but also the famous composers like W. A. Mozart and L. van Beethoven stayed in this residence for some time.

The Kamenec lake in Chomutov

This lake is distinctive for its special dermatological qualities. You can swim there or visit the Zoo in Chomutov or the Outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture in Stará Ves.


Visit the beautiful town of Lovosice and climb the Lovoš Peak. Along the trail you will visit the ruins of the Oparno Gothic castle.


Climb the highest peak of the Central Bohemian Mountains Milešovka and enjoy the majestic view from the sightseeing platform.



The Terezín Fortress built by the Emperor Josef II is named after his mother Maria Theresa. It was built for defence purposes yet unfortunately it became infamous as a prison, a Jewish ghetto and a concentration camp during the WWII. You can also visit the Terezín Monument dedicated to victims of holocaust.

The Mšené spa

As well as the traditional spa treatment, you can also have a wide rangeof relaxation and wellness programmes, such as the beauty weekends for women. The spa is surrounded by a beautiful area of a romantic park and a fishing lake. More info.

The Teplice spa

Their unique thermal springs have been used here from as early as the 12th century. Thanks to the rich springs they treat neurological illnesses and malfunctions of the locomotion and circulatory systems and vascular problems. You can stay in many spa houses, the most famous of which is the Imperial Spa where the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef also stayed. You can also rest in the Salt Caves or New Spa or take a walk through a beautiful park. If you can explore the city itself, you should visit local chateau with gardens. If you want to have a fun and relax together you should go to the Aqua Centre with thermal water. More info.