In Ostrava you should visit the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour. You can get an extraordinary view of the city from the 73 metres high New Town Hall. Ostrava has a famous street with its many bars, restaurants and clubs called Stodolní. In July you can enjoy the cultural event Colours of Ostrava, a multi-genre music festival which now takes place in the Lower Area of Vítkovice.

Silesian-Ostrava Castle

This Castle stands over the confluence of two rivers: Ostravice and Lučina. This Renaissance Castle underwent many renovations and offers its visitors an aquarium with fresh fish in the castle cellars, museum of witches and an exhibition of torture. Many cultural events take place here, too.

Lower Area of Vítkovice

Explore the unique industrial complex which dates back to the first half of the 19th century. The Vítkovice Mining Area is the ironworks town of steel, iron towers, pipes and conduits. This area is an industrial heritage, national monument and also a candidate for the Unesco world heritage list. It includes three parts: Hlubina mine with blast furnaces, coking plant and a chemical plant. Then there is a central section which focuses on engineering and southern part with administrative buildings. Vítkovice used to belong to the Rothschild family who built their typical buildings there.

Landek Park and Michal Mine in Ostrava

This prehistorical and the largest mining museum is the national natural monument and it is acknowledged by the geologists from all over the world. On the trails, you can travel down a mine shaft in a mine cage, explore the mine rescue exhibitions, you can learn where the archaeologists discovered the torso of a woman known as the Landek Venus. The Michal Mine shows you the everyday journey of the miners to work and a building with an authentic equipment.


Tatra Museum in Kopřivnice

Come to see the specialised museum of the phenomenal Czech motor company. You can find around 60 passenger cars and lorries from all stages of production. You can look at many photographs, film sequences and various rarities: the Tatra lorry racing  in the Paris-Dakar Rally or Tatra T-87- the famous car of the travellers Hanzelka and Zikmund

Štramberk + beer spa

In the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains, you should definitely taste the local speciality: Štramberk ears, an aromatic gingerbread with a distinctive shape. This sweet has been baked here for ages. Climb up to the ruins of the Strallenberg Castle with the tower known as Trúba. If you can relax, you can visit local therapeutic beer bath of the local beer Trubač.


Hrubý Jeseník – Praděd

The Jeseníky Mountains offers a wide range of natural treasures. Climb up to the highest point of Moravia – Praděd. You will enjoy an incredible view from the modern building which combines a lookout terrace, a television tower, a hotel and a restaurant. You can try to ride a scooter on your way down. Go for a trip to the Red Mountain Pass (Červenohorské sedlo) by descending into the Divoká Desná valley. You will enjoy the untamed journey through a craggy cavern with a cascading stream. From the Red Mountain Pass, you can continue to Vřesova Studánka and then climb up to Vozka and Keprnik to enjoy a majestic view of the countryside. You can also rest at Švýcárna Chalet which is now a modern mountain building.

Bílá Opava trail

The 6 kilometre long educational trail passes many waterfalls of which the highest is 8 metres long. You will walk through a pine forest, over bridges, along many rock formations, stream pools and famous Jeseníky spruce trees with their typical shape.


Rejvíz Natural Reserve

In this natural sactuary, you will find rare flora and fauna and Moravia´s largest peat bog complex with two beautiful lakes.

Rychleby Mountains

In addition to the Rychleby Trail, you should also visit the Nýznerov Waterfalls and the Šafářov Rock.

Karlova Studánka spa

Here you will find the clearest air in Central Europe. Come and get carried away by exquisite nature full of waterfalls, steep cliffs and wooded hills. The Karlova Studánka Spa offers mainly the traditional cure for respiratory system, but it also treats the cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal systems. You can choose from various schemes: salt water pool, salt cave, Vibrosauna, Vacu Well, CO2 bath and many more. In Karlova Studánka, you can visit the Chapel of Saint Hubert and sample the local springs in Libuše Houses or Tap. More info.


Beskid Mountains

The Beskid Mountains offer a beautiful scenery of the forest-carpeted hills, orchid meadows, folk architecture – timber churches and other buildings. One of the most famous places to visit is the Pustevny complex, designed by David Jurkovič in the Art Nouveau style. Then you can walk to the Radhošť Peak where is the statue of the ruler of these mountains – the pagan god Radegast. Don´t forget to climb up to the highest peak of these Mountains – Lysá Hora. On the 16.5 km trail from Ostravice, you will learn about the local legends and traditions.
Taste the local specialities! You should try Frgály, the famous tarts of a round shape, mostly with cheese, poppy seed or pear favour. You should also taste the local sheep cheese and, of course, the plum brandy - Slivovitz.

Těrlicko Dam and Žermanice Dam

Těrlicko Dam is surrounded by a marvellous countryside of the Těšín Upland. It seems to be a favourite place of the water sports fans. Thanks to a water tow, you can try a water skiing or wakeboard. You can also camp along the Žermanice dam which is the water reservoir for many local firms and the electricity source. It is well visited by fishermen and many international championships in water skiing are held there.



In Karviná you have to visit the local Baroque Church. The Church of Saint Peter of Alcantara called the Czech Pisa is a unique rarity in the Czech Republic.

Darkov Spa

You will feel the soothing experience in this spa rich in iodine and bromine mineral water. The local springs contain water from the Tertiary period and help many foreign clients with their neurological, muscular-skeletal, skin, circulatory and cardiovascular problems. More info.

Opava and Krnov

Take a tour of the historical capital of Silesia where the Cathedral of the Ascension dominates. In Krnov you will admire the imposing Church of Saint Martin, Renaissance townhouses, nice tower and the Town Hall.


Take a tour by bike along cities such as Krnov, Opava and Kravaře in the Osoblažsko area. The trail is 35 kilometres long and it takes you to number places of cultural importance, as well as to a beautiful nature. During your journey, you can rest at the Petr Lake. You will continue to the Malé Hoštice Chateau and the Baroque chateu in Kravaře.


Klimkovice spa

Mineral water rich in iodine and bromine, high standard of care and the beautiful surroundings of Low Jeseníky make Klimkovice a popular spa. They heal patients with problems of the muscular-skeletal system, gynaecological issues, neurological problems and myriads of other ailments. The spa complex is very modern and it also offers a relaxation and wellness programmes. You will also find a specialised Children Sanatorium there. Throughout the year, you can also enjoy the sport and cultural events of Klimkovice. More info.

Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau

You should visit this charming Chateau in a little town of Hradec nad Moravicí. The Chateau is divided into two parts – the older White Chateau with the old White Tower and  the Red Chateau, both built in Gothic style. The Chateau is surrounded by a beautiful English park. Nearby, you can also visit other sights - for example, the Raduň Chateau with its orangery and an ornamental garden.