In Olomouc, you should make a stop by the Holy Trinity Column on the Upper Square, which is included in the Unesco worldwide heritage list. Additionally, you can see the Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, Moravian Theatre, Edelmann Palace, Petrášův Palace and take a tour of the Olomouc Fortress which was built to resist the Prussian attacks. It is also worth seeing the Saint Wenceslas Cathedral on the Wenceslas Square. This neo-Gothic building is the second highest steeple in the Czech Republic with the biggest bell in Moravia.

Boat trip

Come and try an extraordinary sightseeing tour aboard a boat along the Morava River. In addition to the exploration of the meanders of the Morava River, you can raft past Olomouc and admire various sights, for example the parks and towers of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows. You will also see Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, Přemyslid Palace and Church of Saint Michael.


The Jeseníky mountains

You will admire the piece of engineering in the Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power station which produces electricity between two reservoirs which are nicely located in the protected nature area. In addition to the amazing view, you can take a tour with the documentary about the construction and visit the underground turbine room, which is the largest in Europe.
You can climb up to the highest peak of the Jeseníky Mountains –Praděd. After hiking you can rest at their hotel, restaurant or the  lookout terrace. If you don´t want to go down the same way, you should go by a scooter. You will ride approximately 3 kilometres in the beautiful surroundings of the Jeseníky Mountains.


When visiting Haná – the Olomouc region - you should taste the local speciality- Olomucké tvarůžky. You will learn more about this cheese with a distinctive flavour in the Museum of Olomoucké tvarůžky in the town of Loštice. The history of cheese goes back to the 15th century. You will go through the process of production and you can also buy some cheese from the factory shop.

Bouzov Castle

Bouzov Castle is very sought after by the filmmakers. Many of the fairy tales, fantasy films and battles were filmed here. The beautiful castle keeps the medieval character thanks to its bay windows, gargoyles, crenellations and drawbridges. You can take a sightseeing tour or visit the unique exhibition of the world of fantasy where you can learn about the world of dragons.


Spa Towns

The Jeseníky Mountains offer their visitors broad range of spas and wellness programs. One of them is in Jeseník, the famous city where Vincent Priessnitz established the first hydrotherapy spa. More info.

Bludov Spa

This spa is a modern spa institution which provides the professional balneological care based on the up-to-date medicine in the field of balneology, obesitology and medical rehabilitation. In recent years the spa has achieved excellent results in paediatric obesity treatment. More info.

Thermal Spa Velké Losiny

The Velké Losiny Thermal Spa is the oldest and the  most famous spa in Moravia. The thermal springs they have great effects on skin diseases, nervous system and musculoskeletal system. You can have a balneo therapy in 36 C hot water in outdoor or indoor pools.  The spa complex comprises of Eliška Hotel, Šárka Sanatorium, Gazárka Villa, the Chaloupka Spa House and the Welness Hotel Diana. More info.

The Velké Losiny Chateau

The entrance of Velké Losiny is dominated by the Renaissance Church of John the Baptist, and the Baroque granary above the entrance. Velké Losiny Chateau is called to be one the finest Renaissance buildings north of the Alps.  It had a sinister reputation because of incarceration of people there. You should take a tour through the castle to see the gallery pictures of its many famous masters, the cassette ceiling in the Banqueting Hall, the Knight´s Hall and the Great Courtroom where the inquisition pronounced its judgements on the so-called witches.

The Paper Factory Velké Losiny

You have to see the local paper factory and learn about the paper production and different methods used since the 16th century. This Paper Factory is one of the oldest in Europe and it is a candidate for the inclusion in UNESCO´s world heritage list.


The Zoo was festively opened in 1956. Since then it has been modernised and reconstructed many times. Nowadays it offers its visitors a wide range of shows. You can climb up to the sightseeing tower which is the tallest zoological tower in the Czech Republic. In 2013 they opened the first part of Safari Euroasia where visitors can travel by the safari train. In future years, other parts will yet be opened: Safari America, Africa, Australia and Arctica. You can also meet a lot of different animals in free-range zones.

Helfštýn Castle

You can climb up to the Helfštýn hill where you will find the ruins of Helfštýn Castle. You can explore the permanent exhibition of fine metalwork or enjoy a beautiful view of the hill.

5th Day

Teplice nad Bečvou spa

The Spa is located in a marvellous landscape near forests and the River Bečva.  The local mineral-rich springs containing carbon dioxide are used to treat issues with muscular-skeletal and metabolic problems, circulatory and cardiovascular diseases. Children are treated in the Radost Children Clinic for skin diseases. Teplice nad Bečvou offers the best care and high success rates.  You can also enjoy the wellness programmess for weight reduction or try the anti-cellulite programmess. You can undergo a unique therapeutic treatment in the Polarium, where you will stay at low temperatures from -110 to -160 Celsius. From June there are many concerts in the area of Teplice nad Bečvou. More info.

Zbrašovské Arragonite Caves

Descend to the mysterious subterranean world! Explore the area of Zbrašov Aragonite Caves and take a look at the sharp dripstone formations, stalactites and stalagmites and the green pond.

Hranická Abyss

Not far away from the railway station of Teplice nad Bečvou, you can walk to the deepest - 442.5 metres deep -abyss. This abyss is situated in the national nature reserve Hůrka and it is made of a rich karst complex. You can descend to dry caves which are 48 metres under the water-level of a little dam.


Come to enjoy a great biking experience! Rychleby trails were made by a non-profit organization around the village of Černá Voda near the spa town of Jeseník. The trails lead in woods and brings the unforgettable adventure to both experienced and non-experienced bikers.

Museum of carriages

The Museum in Čechy pod Kosířem offers the unique and greatest collection of historical carriages in the Czech Republic. You can see the sound, light and film projection of carriages, sleights and lanterns and a gallery of documents and plans of the history of carriages. Nearby you can visit the Fire-fighter Museum, the castle and a park of Čechy pod Kosířem and the natural reserve Velký Kosíř which you can ride through on a bike.

Golden Mountains

In this beautiful valley in the mountains a replica of the medieval gold mining mills was built. You can take a tour and look at the disintegration of gold ore. The educational trail will take you to the place where water goes uphill. Every year there is a championship in gold mining.  Not far from there is the Golden Mountains Mining trail with major mining relics of the Golden Mountains. The total length of the trail is 16 kilometres. You can try the local speleotherapy in the Golden Mountains underground.