Pilsen (Plzeň)

Come and see the fourth largest urban area in the Czech Republic. Take a rest in local taverns and enjoy the view of the Saint Bartholomew Cathedral with the tallest spire in the Czech Republic. You can admire the world’s third largest Great Synagogue, which is nicely decorated. If you want to see some history of the city, you can step down to the 800 metres of historical underground where you can see medieval corridors, wells and cellars.


The city of Plzeň is linked mainly with to beer tourism and the Pilsner Urquell brand. You must take a tour in the Prazdroj Brewery where you can see how the beer is produced and taste the unfiltered beer tapped from oak barrels. If you want to know more about the history of production which goes back to the 13th century you should visit the Brewery Museum.

Techmania Plzeň

Play and learn in Techmania Plzeň! This interactive complex is full of exhibits and many sections in which you can learn about the principals of physics through play. Solve Puzzles or Be James Bond! In one of the many exhibitions, you can look at ŠKODA motor works and the Entropa sculpture designed by David Černý which was exhibited at the seat of the European Union.


Beer trails

The Beer route connects 14 of the best known breweries in the Plzeň region. Come to know the old traditions and beer production process. After visiting Pilsener Prazdroj, you will continue to a small brewery in Dobřany. Their popular beers Dobřanská Hvězda and Dobřanský Dragoun have won many prizes. Then you can try fruit beers in Rokycany´s U Stočesů microbrewery. After the degustation, you can take a walk to the charming nearby Kozel Chateau.
The next stop is at Chodová Planá, where you should try the beers called Prezident and Zámecký Lager. Then you can rest in the local spa. More info.
Have you ever tasted banana or cherry beer? You will find these unusual beers at U Rybiček Brewery in Stříbro. Apart from tasting beers, you can walk through the historical centre of this city.
The local speciality in Modrý Abbé Beer Studio is the dark Granát Lager and the non-alcoholic and unfiltered Svatý Kryštof.
You will end this route in Železná Ruda Belvedere Brewery where you have to try the local strong Pašerk Honey Beer.


Rabí Castle

Rabí Castle is one of the largest Czech ruin complexes. The castle is encircled by 3 km of ramparts which made the most advanced defence system of that time in Europe. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the country from the  high tower known as donjon or visit the exhibition of decorated medieval tiles. The castle is well known as a place where Jan Žižka lost his eye in 1421. Many filmmakers shot fairytales and films here, for example, the famous Czech art film Markéta Lazarová.

Švihov Castle

Švihov Castle is very well protected thanks to the ingenious equipment capable of flooding the surroundings with water in no time without any harm to the building.

Off park Sušice

If you would like to enjoy outdoor sport and have a lot of fun, the Offpark Sušice Outdoor Centre is the right place for you. You can venture up in a hot air balloon, try the tandem jump, free climbing, rides on cross-country scooters or Segways. You can even go downhill by scooters at 3-5km distance. If you prefer water sports, you can choose scuba diving, rafting or kayaking.



The Šumava National Park contains many natural treasures. You can climb up the peeks and then rest near its many lakes, from which the Black and Devil´s Lake are the best known ones.

River Vydra

Take a walk along the Vydra River which is full of rocks, stones, cauldrons and many waterfalls. You can begin your trail at Antýgl and head to the Čeněk Sawmill – a technical monument.



Domažlice is the centre of the Chodsko Region. The Chodsko Region is well known for its folk traditions, folk events and colourful costumes. The Chods are an ethnic group appointed to guard the border between Bohemia and Bavaria.
You will be fascinated by the picturesque Renaissance houses in the town of Domažlice. The best time to visit is definitely August when the Chodsko festival takes place. You should visit the Chodský Castle and Chodsko Museum which show their visitors the traditional life of people throughout ages. Then you can visit the Church of the Virgin Mary, also the Dolejší Gate on the Main Square and the famous cylindrical tower.

Kašperk Castle

The Castle was built by Charles IV to protect the Kašperk Mountains and the trade routes between the Czech Kingdom and Bavaria. That is why the side towers have neither windows nor openings. You can take a tour called "Build your own house" in which you can learn about what was needed at the time to build a castle.

Glass factory Annín

Come and see the Annín glass factory in the Kašperk Mountains. The factory with its history of Czech crystal production since 1796 offers the visitors a guided tour of the production. You can also buy some of their products in the factory shop.