The National museum

Next to the National Theatre you can buy the tickets for the most popular opera performances, such as Aida, Nabucco, Madame Butterfly, Rusalka and others. In February the famous Opera Ball, one of the main social events of the year takes place here.

The State Opera

Next to the National Theatre you can buy the tickets for the most popular opera performances, such as Aida, Nabucco, Madame Butterfly, Rusalka and others. In February the famous Opera Ball, one of the main social events of the year takes place here.

The National Theatre

After the building was destroyed by fire in 1881, the gold-crowned neo-Renaissance building was reconstructed with the financial contribution of the general population. There are many shows held there, from operas to ballets. Inside, you will be fascinated by the paintings of Mikoláš Aleš, by the beautiful stage curtain by Vojtěch Hynais and by the ceiling decorations in the auditorium.

The Estates Theatre

Another part of the National theatre is The Estates Theatre in the centre of Prague. It offers its visitors dramas, operas and concerts.


The Chateau Konopiště

From Prague, you will take a one-hour journey by train to the remarkable scenery of the Konopiště Chateau The Konopiště Chateau was founded by a the Prague Bishop according to the designs of French bastilles. In 1887 František Ferdinand d´Este bought this chateau and transformed it in a historic style. He changed the surroundings into a beautiful park, established the Rose garden and placed a large part of his patrimony from his Italian antecedents, as well as from his own collections into this chateau. During the World War II, there were military forces of Nazi Germany deployed there. After the liberation, the chateau was opened to the public again. Nowadays it preserves the look from the time of František Ferdinand d´Este. Besides the chateau, you can also visit the official factory Museum of the Czech Motorcycle Brand JAWA, where you can admire the unique exhibits.

The Karlštejn Castle

One of the most visited castles is Karlštejn, founded by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1365. It served as a place to store crown jewels, holy relics, royal collections and treasures. You will admire the Chapel of the Holy Cross with pictures of Master Theodoric. Then you can visit the Burgrave’s Palace, Imperial Palace, Marian Tower and the Great Tower where the treasures used to be stored. The Castle seemed to be a muse for artists and it is linked to many legends. In September a historic wine festival take place there. At the festival you can taste wines, various culinary specialities, observe the tricks of magicians, the procession, and many other attractions.


the Royal Route

You should go along the Royal Route. The name comes from a royal coronation procession - the tradition of Czech sovereigns who walked along this route before the act of coronation. Along this route you can find the most visited places in Prague. The route begins at the Republic Square and ends at the Saint Vitus Cathedral.

The Petřín Hill

You can rest at the beautiful surroundings of Petřín Gardens and climb the lookout Petřín Tower. You can either walk or take the funicular up the Petřín Hill. Near the Petřín Tower,you will surely laugh at yourself in the Mirror Maze.


The Prague Jewish Town - Josefov

Jewish Town near the Old Town Square is the former Jewish quarter from 13th century. Only a few most significant buildings of the present appearance from 1893 - 1913 survived. At the end of the Pařížská Street you will stand in front of the Old New Synagogue with a magical interior. A memorial to the victims of the holocaust is located inside the Pinkas Synagogue. You can´t miss another 5 synagogues. There is also the Old Jewish Cemetery which is one of the largest in the world.


That is the place where the mythical Princess Libuše foretold the great future of Prague. You will be enchanted  by the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul there. You can take a look at the Slavín Cemetery, where the famous Czech artists were buried, for example the composers Bedřich Smetana and Antonín Dvořák. At Rašínovo nábřeží (Rašín Embankment) you can admire the geometrically shaped villas. Vyšehrad is a popular destination with a remarkable view of the city.

Letenské gardens and Stromovka park

When you want to rest, the best choice is to visit the Prague gardens and have some beer there. You can choose the Letná Gardens, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. In these gardens on a hill you find the famous pendulum. From here, you can take a short walk to Royal Summer Residence.
In Stromovka, you will find yet another park. You can rest there or take a ride on roller skates or just do jogging there. You can find some  historical buildings in the park, too: the Exhibition Grounds, the Planetarium, the Krizik Light Fountain, the Sea World Aquarium and the famous Matějská funfair.


Aquapark Čestlice

You can relax at the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe. There are lots of attractions for children and adults alike, with pools, waves, space bowl and many more.


The Prague ZOO

According to the Forbes magazine, the Prague Zoo ranks as the seventh zoo in the world. You can take a daily or an evening tour, watch feeding of animals accompanied by commentary or step inside the unique Indonesian Jungle Pavilion. You will see over 5,300 animals there.