The Kroměříž Gardens and the Archbishop's Palace

You should visit the city of Kroměříž. Kroměříž offers its visitors someUNESCO world heritage sights. In the area of the Archbishop Palace there are beautiful gardens - the Flower Garden and the Undercastle Garden are situated with its many streams and ponds, botanical meadows and romantic buildings behind (the Pompeian Colonnade, the Fishing Pavilion,the Peacock Court, the Colloredo Colonnade) and sculptures (the bust of the Archbishop John Rudolph, and the bust of the Archbishop Sommerau-Beckha). In one of the main buildings, the Archbishop Palace you should visit the wine cellar with a production history of over 135 years.

The Velehrad Monastery

A glory of the Velehrad Monastery which is situated in the remarkable scenery of Chřiby Hills is linked with the arrival of Apostles of the Slavs, Saints Cyril and Methodius who began to spread the Christian faith and created the new alphabet. Every July the Velehrad turns into a venue of National Pilgrimage related to the national holiday commemorating the Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The Buchlovice chateau and the Buchlov castle

Not that far from the Velehrad Monastery the visitors can admire Buchlovice Chateau in an old Baroque style and Buchlov castle which was built in the13th century.



One of the most beautiful chateaus in a Baroque style is situated in the Vizovice Heights. The Vizovice Chateau feature a charming exterior surrounding, as well as pretentiously furnished interior. Since the 14th century, brandy has been produced in the Vizovice area. The Rudolf Jelínek Distillery is undoubtedly one of the prominent Moravian distilleries. The area has a suitable climate for more than 70 000 fruit trees, from which plum brandy is produced. You can also taste there a cherry brandy, pear brandy, raspberry brandy and many more. The standard excursion takes 1 hour, but you can even take a 2- hour alternative for an expert excursion.


Thanks to its mineral springs consisting of sodium, calcium, magnesium and carbon dioxide, the Luhačovice Spa is the ideal place for wellness and health programmes for the disorders of metabolism, breathing apparatus, digestive tract, vascular problems and illnesses of the locomotion system. More info. The city is full of multi-coloured houses in the style of Folk Art Nouveau. One of the most popular one is the Jurkovič house. Every July a music festival is held here in the honour of the Czech composer Leoš Janáček.



The city of Zlín is linked with the name of Baťa, the Czech shoemaking company, which was founded in 1894 by Tomas Baťa and his two siblings. Zlín was built in the functionalist style which is well represented by the area of Baťa´s factory with the Baťa skyscraper. The skyscraper was the second highest building in Europe at the time and it is famous for its lift where Tomas Baťa had an office to allow him to work more efficiently. In that area was a The Shoemaking Museumwas situated there until recently; it has now been relocated to the Baťa´s Institute which also includes a gallery and a library. The museum with over a thousand of exhibits shows the Baťa´s production till 1945 and a history of trade in the Czechoslovakia. Except local shoes you can find there the exhibits of foreign shoes made from human hair or from emu sheep in Australia.

The Baťa canal

The Baťa Canal is a historic waterway from the town of Otrokovice to Rohatec, built in 1935-1938, with a total length of 52 km. 27 km of the waterway is conveyed on the Morava River and the rest leads in the Baťa Canal with a couple of wears, water buildings and 23 bridges. The canal served for the transportation of lignite, which was burned in the thermal power plant that supplied the Baťa factory with electricity.

The Lešná zoological gardens and chateau

The Lešná Zoo is definitely the most beautiful Zoo in the Czech Republic. It has 4 big pavilions: Africa, Asia, America and Australia. The African pavilions are made in the shape of tribal shacks and tribal villages. You can rest there and drink coffee or you can watch the biggest bird aviary, the popular meerkats etc. In the Asian pavilion, you will feel the spiritual atmosphere thanks to the Nepalese carillion, the statues of Budha and the Japanese yards. This pavilion obviously also offers a walk through the environment of their animal inhabitants. The American Pavilion has 2 big parts: the Amazonian rainforest with a path through the aviary of the Ara parrots. The second part - theTropical Hall – is approached through a Mayan Temple with a video dedicated to the Mayan culture. Most of this hall is represented by plants typical for this region and an automatic fog-making system. You can also observe this pavilion from the bird’s eyeview, thanks to an aerial footbridge.The most favourite part in the Australian pavilion is the Trail of the Emu runner, where you have the kangaroos at your fingertips.

You can take then a walk to the the Lešná Chateau with its English-style park. At the surroundings children can stroke the sheep or take a ride on a horseback. This part is also well visited for its pavilion of primates.


Valašské Meziříčí

The Bečva cycle trail offers 160 km which lead from springs of the Vsetín and Rožnov Bečva Rivers to the confluence with the Morava River. On their journey which can be walked, ridden by bike, by scooter or on roller-skates, the visitors can admire the local beautiful scenery with monuments and cultural places of interest.
You can stop at the museum of tapestries in Valašské Meziříčí where you can visit the tapestry and carpet workshops with more than hundred years of history. During the visit, you can see how the tapestries are made, learn how to tie the carpet nodes and much more.

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

The open-air museum preserves the local folklore, old traditions and handicrafts of the Walach area. You can try the old trades by hand or you can even taste the local food. Every year 4 years, a big international festival takes place there. The Timber Town in the oldest part consists of the main square, church, mill valley powered by water and a German-type windmill. Not far from here, the visitors can rest at the Rožnov Beer Spa, which uses an alternative Egyptian therapy. More info.