Implant installation

Procedure Description

When an ordinary implant is installed (an invasive method which we are not using), a heavy surgical intervention is necessary for cutting the gingiva and periosteum, drilling the jaw and sewing, causing significant pain with a considerable and unpleasant deal of swelling. This is why we are using the revolutionary DIRECT IMPLANT system, which circumvents all the disadvantages associated with the installation of a regular implant, while allowing us to install a crown on the implant without any delays.

Modern digital imaging and diagnostic equipment makes it possible to install DIRECT IMPLANT, this new type of devices, without any surgical intervention.

We also have unique DIRECT IMPLANT products with a ceramic upper shell, intended for front teeth in cases where maximum aesthetic value is required. When this implant with a ceramic upper shell is used, we can avoid any potential slight darkening of the front tooth crown in cases where the full-titanium implant could otherwise appear through the crown.

Time Schedule

We would appreciate you sending a filled medical questionnaire and a digital picture of the problematic part of your teeth or set of teeth before you come and see us personally. It helps us to plan your treatment. In addition we will make a final agreement of the treatment after your visit to our clinic. We need to be sure that your dental level is compatible with our Hi Tech Concept. We follow worldwide dentistry innovations in order to be able to offer you the gentlest procedures in a fast and painless way, with the highest aesthetic value and quality and several years of warranty. If your teeth need fillings, root canal treatments or porcelain laminate veneers, we also offer this service before the DIRECT IMPLANT SYSTEM.

During a single consultation, an implant is installed under local anesthesia and covered with a temporary, yet fully functional crown that can be regularly exposed to stress.

During the three following weeks, the implant integrates with the bone. At the second consultation, the physician will mill the implant according to the way the gums will have healed. The final crown will then be installed. This is the end of the entire implantation procedure.

After Procedure Condition, Ordinary Daily Routine

DIRECT IMPLANT products are made of titanium, which is not perceived as foreign matter by the human body: there are therefore no undesirable swelling and bleeding. After the installation of the implant, patients do not have to limit either their work or their social life. Thanks to the high quality of work, to the professionalism of the team and to the leading edge technologies and equipment, the clinic is able to offer a full array of extended warranties on the work we carry out – ten years on work.


Before and after the treatment