“Not sure, to choose the best clinic is a tough one for me.” Sofie (55), cosmetic surgery - tummy tuck

There is much to consider before going for a successful treatment abroad. One of the first issues to investigate would be the quality and safety of healthcare. MEDICAL TOURISM GUIDE includes clinics and hospitals that provide only top level health care. The medical staff is highly experienced, they talk foreign languages and most of the doctors took part in international medical practices abroad. You can also perform a quick search on the internet and find an information about Czech medicine, hospitals, doctors, even about the government´s support of the healthcare system. Your trust in will increase with having a good experience. Our recommendation is to find someone you can trust who has had the experience of staying in the Czech Republic and who knows about the level of Czech medicine.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Do not decide just emotionally but also rationally.

“As much consultation as possible.” Lorra (46), LASIK eye surgery

For your security and comfort, the clinic will facilitate obtaining the necessary medical information and organize your communication (make a conference call or provide email address or other ways of communication) with your doctor. This will be the right time to ask any questions or have any remarks to the planned procedures. Transparency is now sweeping the world in hospital reform. Potential medical tourists should seek a clinic in the country where the government supervises the health care system and helps to keep high medical standards. Without the help of a local experienced company like Royal Medical, you could become a victim of the intricacies involved in medical tourism and make many errors. We are a local operated company, which cooperates with the best clinics.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Ask for a pre-travel consultation with the doctor.

“I always ask for an itinerary and medical schedule. I am so happy if somebody organises every minute of my time…“ Lars (55), complex cardio check up

Based on your expectation the doctor designs the detailed itinerary and will let you know the total price (or final estimate) of the treatment. When you are fully content and you understand the timeline of your trip, the clinic will ask you to confirm the submitted plan. The clinic is ready to help you with other travel services such as accommodation, private transport in the Czech Republic, interpreter, special food or beverages, sightseeing programs etc. The well-arranged price quotation will detail what is the price for medical treatment and each service you required. 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Confirm only a transparent and detailed price quotation.

“We were surprised when we saw the statistics of the IVF treatments in the Czech Republic. The success rates were really, really high.“ Megan (42) and Patrik (48), IVF  - donation program

The medical services in the Czech Republic emphasise excellence, safety and trustworthiness, with internationally accredited or certificated facilities and renowned physicians. Beyond certifications, the quality of healthcare is also seen in published clinical indicators. Ask your potential hospital or clinic to publish their clinical outcomes or success rate of the treatment. They are comparable to, if not exceeding, international standards. Clinical outcomes refer to various measures used to track quality of clinical services provided by medical institutions. Medical Tourism Guide encourages patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatment and institution of choice.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Success rate and clinical outcome help to decide.

“I expect a complex medical service. Preliminary exam, post-surgery check-up and also subsequent help.” Diego (34), knee surgery

Medical staff checks on status of the patients during and immediately after the surgery. They can also communicate with patient´s family and inform them about the progress. After the procedure will the specialist evaluate the patient´s health condition, then patient can be released from the hospital and taken back to the hotel. Final (pre-departure) medical check-up is an essential part of the some of the medical treatments. The doctor will prepare medical documentation about the procedure for the local physicians. Also, in some cases will the doctor allow to enjoy some of the post-treatment program offered locally. There is a variety of classical and individual tours, incentive and thematic ones. VIP tours as well as low-budget tour packages are available in all the regions in the Czech Republic.

OUR RECOMMENDATION:  Ask the hospital or clinic about their post-surgery services and assistance.