• Woman, 55 years, wish to improve the look of her teeth, solve the problem of with sticking out canine tooth and need to install 3 dental implants in back part of her mouth. The patient sent the X-Ray of her teeth which were evaluated by dentist – Dr Rusnak. He suggested her: placement of 3 dental implants, 10 veneers for the teeth in upper jaw (which is a part of solution of sticking out canine tooth) and teeth bleaching for lower jaw. Before the implants placing was necessary to provide the teeth bone augmentation and sinus lift.


The patient agreed with the proposal of Dr Rusnak and they started to plan the time plan of her treatment. During the first visit the dentist provided the bone augmentation and sinus lift placed the dental implants in analgo-sedation, the following day dentist provide the teeth bleaching of lower mouth. In ten days came the patient back to Prague for removing the sticks and control if the healing goes well. The second phase was planned 5 months later – creating and attaching of new teeth to be anchored in jaws. At first the imprints were done for preparing dental crowns and also for veneers. In 10 days the dental crowns were fixed and the veneers were placed into the teeth 15 – 25.


Before and after the treatment