Discover what makes the Czech Republic an excellent destination of medical tourism

  • Great emphasis on patients´ safety: thanks to the continuing excellent results of the Czech medicine, available up to date diagnosis and the high-end medical technology.
  • Economize on your budget thanks to our fair price. Low price doesn´t equal low quality!
  • The lenient legal system, no waiting time, accessible unique methods, reputable, accredited and certified clinics.
  • The patients´ satisfaction is what the Czech medicine really cares for. Pre-consultation, scheduling of all the details, complete preliminary examination, accurate diagnosis, etc.
  • Czech medicine is easily accessible to everyone. From all directions. Explore our country in the heart of Europe regardless of the medical schedule.


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UNIQUE FEMUR ENDOPROSTHESIS THAT “GROWS” WITH THE PATIENT. Beznoska, a Czech company has been awarded the femoral endoprosthesis for children which can grow with the patient. This unique modular system works as a kit. It depends on the particular patient which parts the doctors will give him. As the kid grows, the endoprosthesis can be extended. This happens during a short procedure under anesthetics once in every six months. Two little patients in the Czech Republic already have this unique endoprosthesis.


VARICOSE VEINS OPERATION. No hospitalization. No work limitations. The new method glues the varicose veins with a special cyano-acrylate adhesive. The special glue is dropped into the vein, then the vein is squeezed and sealed so that the blood will stop flowing. You can leave the operating room on your own feet, and the next day you can to go to work.


MEDICAL TOURISM GUIDE CZECH REPUBLIC was nominated for the European Quality Award. Huray! The Czech Medical Guide was selected by the prestigious Sokrates Nomination Committee, based in Oxford, as one of the most business oriented and innovative. The prize ceremony will take place in July 2017 in Luzern.


CZECH REPUBLIC HAS AN EXCELLENT CHILDREN'S CARDIAC CARE. Congenital heart defects are the most common heart defects at all. In the past, children with congenital heart disease were doomed to gradual dying. Thanks to the development of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery in the 70s and 80s of the last century and the excellent organization of children's cardiac care currently survive up to 90% of all patients with congenital heart disease. Source:


CZECH HEALTH CARE - HIGH QUALITY AT A GOOD PRICE. Czech health sector is the best in comparison within the Central and Eastern Europe according to the analysis of the European Health Care Consumer Index in 2016 (EHCI). Czech medicine overtook Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Czechs have the best effectiveness of health care. Our doctors are the third best in Europe in their ability to provide medical care for good money.


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