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  • Great emphasis on patients´ safety: thanks to the continuing excellent results of the Czech medicine, available up to date diagnosis and the high-end medical technology.
  • Economize on your budget thanks to our fair price. Low price doesn´t equal low quality!
  • The lenient legal system, no waiting time, accessible unique methods, recognized, accredited and certified clinics.
  • The patients´ satisfaction is what the Czech medicine really cares for. Pre-consultation, scheduling of all the details, complete preliminary examination, accurate diagnosis, etc.
  • Czech Medicine is easily accessible to everyone. From all directions. Explore our country in the heart of Europe regardless of the medical schedule.







An Easter present from our Eye Laser Surgery Centre
Femtolasik for only 547 EURO! Take advantage of a discount of more than 365 EURO. This sales event is for clients and people interested in laser eye surgery that will take place in April and May of this year. The discounted price is for surgery on 1 eye, including medications and all postoperative care.







Czech Republic: a significant step in bowel and rectal cancer research
Czech scientists have discovered one of the mechanisms why chemotherapy may not work equally on all patients with bowel and rectal cancer. The cause may be the different DNA abilities, which prevent the body against foreign elements, including medicines. In the future will be able to treat these diseases more individually and patients will not have to receive unnecessarily high doses of chemotherapeutic agents or radiation. Bad eating habits, such as daily consumption of "red" meat, fried, baked or grilled food, as well as a higher proportion of animal fats in the diet increases the risks. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, overweight seem to be also a contributing factors.








This method of weight loss surgery is recommended for patients with BMI 40 and more. It is very complicated procedure, but with a longer effect. This robot surgery as a radical step in Czech practical medicine was firstly performed in 2006. The device with several "tentacles" is controlled by a surgeon. It enables him to reach deeper into the patient's body through a hole, which is much smaller than it performed manually. It also allows the surgeon to navigate more accurately and to move more skillfully inside the body.







Come in time – you will save money and avoid future problems/complications. We guarantee you a miniinvasive painless surgery technique done in one day without the need of a hospital stay, you can leave the hospital on the day of the surgery. We are working with the best. Thousands of satisfied clients are a proof. The price for the op and the additional services EUR 570 – 760 (for one leg).









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