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  • Great emphasis on patients´ safety: thanks to the continuing excellent results of the Czech medicine, available up to date diagnosis and the high-end medical technology.
  • Economize on your budget thanks to our fair price. Low price doesn´t equal low quality!
  • The lenient legal system, no waiting time, accessible unique methods, reputable, accredited and certified clinics.
  • The patients´ satisfaction is what the Czech medicine really cares for. Pre-consultation, scheduling of all the details, complete preliminary examination, accurate diagnosis, etc.
  • Czech medicine is easily accessible to everyone. From all directions. Explore our country in the heart of Europe regardless of the medical schedule.


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CZECH SPA TREAT DISEASES OF CIVILIZATION, SUCH AS CHRONIC PAIN. There are 55 million of people in the European Union who suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately, the number of younger patients raises each year significantly. Spas have a natural mineral water sources and enriched with iodine, calcium, magnesium, radon, sulfur etc. Enjoy your stay under a professional supervision of experienced doctors and physiotherapists.


WORLD LEVEL OF THE CZECH HEALTH CARE. The first Czech woman has a transplanted uterus donated by her mother. A special team of Czech doctors under the leadership of Jiří Froněk of IKEM and Roman Chmela from the Motol Hospital performed a unique operation of global importance. The first Czech woman in the history has a transplanted uterus. A young woman who was born without a uterus, got a chance to give birth to her own child. This transplantation commenced the first clinical research in the world about the uterus transplantations from living and deceased donors.


NA HOMOLCE HOSPITAL PRESENTS A UNIQUE METHOD OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE TREATMENT. High pressure is the most common disease of the heart and blood vessels. The hospital has introduced a new treatment of high blood pressure which can avoid a complicated surgical operation. They were the first to implement this unique procedure on two patients. Ultrasound waves are sent through the wall of the jugular vein to moderate increased activity of a carotid body. The carotid body, presented in the blood, is believed to have a significant influence on the high pressure level. Source:


RAISING NUMBER OF OBESE CHILDREN. The World Health Organization (WHO) in its new report, acknowledged growing number of children under five years old who are obese or overweight. This means 41 million which is of more than 6 percent in that age group. Of these, half of all people live in Asia, a quarter in Africa, generally in poorer countries. Experts also warn that for bad eating habits and a comfortable way of life are not responsible the children themselves. Source:


VYSOČINA CENTRE FOR ROBOTIC SURGERY. The device is currently the most advanced robotic operating system in the world and the Vysočina Centre for Robotic Surgery thus ranked among the top European centers offering their patients the specialized operations. The new device displays to the previous daVinci system generation greater accuracy, better handling operating arm and absolutely safe surgical operation. Source:


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